Our machine ,ERW Tube mill/Pipe mill/welded pipe production/pipe making machine is used to produce round, square and rectangular pipe. It also can produce all special profile pipes , such as D pipe ,O pipe and Octagon pipe, etc.

It has a wide range of applications: GI, construction, automotive, general mechanical tubing, furniture, agriculture, chemistry, oil, gas, conduit, contructure.

Hot Product

The video shows our most popular product: the Automatic Packing Machine (requiring only two workers at the finished pipe zone).

Our automatic packing machine comes in a variety of models to accommodate different pipe sizes and profiles. Customers’ needs can be met by customizing the equipment.


We, Aogang Machinery Co.,Ltd, produce and export welded tube mill and/or profiles tube mill, cold roll forming mill and slitting line, as well as auxiliary equipment for more than 20 years, we developed and grew in line with constantly evolving market requirements.

Aogang Machinery is not only manufacture, but also offers professional technical and after-sale service. Our company complies with ISO9001 quality control system, ISO4001 management system, and CE standard. Meanwhile, product range can comply with requirements and requests of its customers.

With more than 110 experienced employees, including 55 experienced workers, 15 engineers, and 12 after-sales service technicians. Our factory covers an area around 50,000 square meters. We have been continuously developing and reinforcing its know-how in the field in time. Changing and complying with its customer requests, the company considers its customer privileged Aogang and excellent partners.

Aogang Machinery as a partner provides everywhere anytime the high quality engineering and technical support, facilities, information, ideas and best possible services. Aogang Machinery success depends on the success of its own customers.

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