Air Cooling condenser

The Air Cooling Condenser Flat Tube Special Production Line is used to produce the condenser tube with single side aluminum layer in the size of 219×19×1.5mm.This kind of tube can mainly apply to the direct air cooling system in the field such as power station, steel factory, coking, chemical industry and pharmacy and so on.


Air Cooling condenser


  • High production efficiency, Low defective product rate. Our engineers focus on the most advanced technology, and help customers increase the production capacity by 1-1.5 times through upgrading and transformation.
  • High automation, For those areas with higher labor costs, we provide highly automated equipment, and a production line can save 3-5 workers.
  • High strength, tHigh automation, For those areas with higher labor costs, we provide highly automated equipment, and a production line can save 3-5 workers.he machine works stably at a high speed, which improves product quality. Many of our customers in South America (previously used European equipment) are very impressed with the precision and high speed of our equipment. They say that our pipe machine is really comparable to European equipment, but the price is less than half of theirs.
  • Save roller investment and roller changing time, We use FF forming, universal roll, and Turkish head forming technology to help customers greatly save the input cost of the mold and the time for changing the roll.


Items Specification
Tube Size 218.6±0.8mm×19±0.25mm or  as per drawing required by


Thickness 1.5mm
Length 2~ 12m
Accuracy ±3mm
Line Speed 0 ~30 m/min
Production capacity Approx. 45T/shift(8hours)


What is pipe mill for?

Pipe mill include ERW/HF welding , TIG welding, submerged arc welding. Aogang mainly works on ERW/HF welded pipe mill. The pipe can be widely applied in the area such as construction, machinery, mobile, gas and petrol, etc.

Is all the steel pipe with seam?

Pipe can be divided into ERW welded pipe, seamless pipe and spiral steel pipe, they can be applied in different fields.

Aogang mainly produce ERW/HF welded pipes.

The leading pipe mill machinery company in China.

Aogang has over 20 years of experience in design, production and after-sale service of pipe mill. We absorb advanced experience of the domestic and abroad, combined with self R&D and production, to provide global customers with the best quality products and the most intimate after-sales service. We well worth your choice.

How to solve the problem during production process?

Many customers will find it hard to contact the supplier after purchase or solve the problems in time.

In Aogang, these things will never happen, we are always ready to solve your problems, please contact us if any question.

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