4 uses of expansion anchor pipes

The design of pipes can be adjusted depending on specific project needs.

What is an expansion anchor pipe?

Expansion anchor pipe is an engineering material. Its main components include a spiral or bolt-shaped tube body. This expansion system can form a solid connection with the surrounding soil, rock, or concrete by pressing grout or grouting in the hole after solidification.

What is the usage of expansion anchor pipe?

The design of this pipe makes it suitable for various engineering applications such as foundation reinforcement, tunnel support, geotechnical engineering, and slope stabilization.

1-Foundation reinforcement: By grouting, expanding and solidifying in the soil, anchors can firmly connect the soil, slow down settlement, and improve the bearing capacity of the foundation.

2-Tunnel support: In tunnel construction, expansion anchors support the surrounding rock and prevent rock collapse. Ensure the safe construction and use of tunnels.

3-Rock support: In rock engineering, expansion anchors are used to anchor rocks to prevent rock collapse and landslides. This is particularly common in mines and slope developments.

4-Slope stabilization: Expansion anchors can be used to stabilize earth and rock slopes and prevent landslides and collapses by fixing the soil. This has important implications for protecting the safety of roads, infrastructure, and the surrounding environment.

Aogang has very rich experience with expansion anchor pipe machines, and the new equipment for producing anchor pipes was put into use in northern Russia just last week.

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