ERW254 tube mill in KSA

Considering the long-term development and market demand, the customer expanded their production range on the basis of having a small production line, discussed with us in various aspects, and finally ordered this machine.

This production line is up to 254mm, mainly used for the production of photovoltaic brackets, solar brackets, in addition to the production of special profiles such as D-shaped tubes and O-shaped tubes, with a maximum speed of 50m/min, and for different tube types and wall thicknesses, the speed is different.


We are very grateful for the trust of our customers, and we have overcome difficulties under the COVID-19 and completed the design and manufacture of such a large equipment in the shortest time. In order to make this line run as soon as possible, we dispatched engineers to Saudi Arabia to guide the installation during Chinese New Year’s time, and finally we solved problems one by one. Now customers have exported their products to many countries in Europe.

Now we are still always ready to provide timely assistance to customers, as long as the customer needs, we are always there.


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