NC Milling Saw

Technical Parameter


The equipment cutting trace of this series is according to section shape of the steel tube.

Siemens motion control system process cutting.

While the saw blade rotate around gear ring, and respectively adjust the feeding position at same time thus achieve profile milling.


★Cutting form: Adopt cold milling saw to cut tube, little heat produced in processing avoid the internal stress and material structure at the incision section. Meanwhile, the saw blade has little pressure to the steel tube, thus will not cause the tube wall and tube section to deform.

★Incision quality: Adopt optimized cut feed curve reasonable distribute cutting area, make the cutting incision free burr of the inner and outer tube, cut section smooth and clean. No need to subsequent treatment such as flat chamfering, save process and raw material.

★Tube surface quality: Special clamp device to ensure welded tube surface without scratch.

★Length precision: Full adopt Siemens servo motor, length precision ±2mm.

★Equipment wear and tear: Low blade wastage, low cost.

★Production speed: Fast linear speed of saw blade, feeding rate large, dual blades cutting at same time, short cut time, can be match with line speed of tube mill line.

★Advancement: Saw car driver and milling cut feeding driver full adopt Siemens servo motor and control system, feeding system use import linear guideway, centralized lubrication, NC control module, optimization software achieve full automatic incise. Touch screen operation, input tube size, software automatic calculate incise condition, saw blade rotation speed, incise feeding to get best way incise, in the mean time operator can write modification and optimization in adjust interface in the system.

★Operation and maintenance: Easy to input setting parameters in touch screen, screen will show equipment operational situation and data. No maintenance except normal lubrication and cleaning.

★Security: Saw blade rotate low speed, couldn’t brake, no damage to operator and equipment.

★Spare parts supply: Use international standard spare parts, convenient for customer purchase in local.

★Conservation of environment: Noise below 80 decibels, cooling water and lubrication recycling.

Technical Parameter

Model NO. Pipe diameter (mm) Pipe thickness (mm) Max speed (M/min)
Φ165 Φ60~Φ165 2.5~7.0 60
Φ219 Φ89~Φ219 3.0~8.0 50
Φ273 Φ114~Φ273 4.0~10.0 40
Φ325 Φ165~Φ325 5.0~12.7 35
Φ377 Φ165~Φ377 5.0~12.7 30
Φ426 Φ165~Φ426 5.0~14.0 25
Φ508 Φ219~Φ508 5.0~16.0 25
Φ610 Φ219~Φ610 6.0~18.0 20
Φ660 Φ273~Φ660 8.0~22.0 18


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