Cold Cutting Saw

Cold cut saw/NC milling flying saw: end face of tube is smooth and no burr,chamfering is not necessary.
Technical Parameter


Cold Cutting Saw is to cut the pipe to a specified length while it is traveling.


  • Our advantage Ⅰ:After changing or sharpening saw blade, no need to adjust the pipe and saw blade position, just push the button on the console, all of the actions can be done automatically, it is faster and more precise.
  • ● Our advantage II: 3 Saw clamps(Jaws), we use 3 saw clamps, in order to avoid the following problems: when pipe diameter is bigger than 76mm, saw blade stroke is long after cutting, and cutting gap is very small, it may not loose saw blade, then servo alarms and stop, saw blade may be broken after saw car moving back.
  • ● Our advantage III: Aogang anti-collision mechanism is made up of rubber bumper and anti-rebound unit.When the saw car failed accidentally, the pinion is off the rack, and the saw car will hit the rubber bumper block. At the same time, the hook on the saw car just catches the anti-bounce pin, the anti-collision block and the anti-bolt pin work together,
    saw car will stop at the offside momentarily, avoiding the pinion damage caused by the violent impact of
    the rebound pinion and the rack.
    ● In order to meet different customers’ requirements, our engineers researched and developed 2 control systems:
    1) Siemens-SIMOTION System: it is especially for high-speed motion controllers, compose of Simotion D4x5 center controller, S120 Servo Driver, 1FK(T)7 Synchronous permanent magnet machine, ProfiNet Industry Ethernet, and so on.
    2) Aogang System
    ● Based on rich experience, TOP high-performance ARM Chips are used, dominant frequency reach up
    Pipe length and pipe mill running speed can be the most correctly calculated.
    ● High-Quality Speed Measurement Encoder: We use high quality waterproof and dustproof type encoder from Japan, which can bear external force of 5Kg(radial direction) and 3Kg(shaft direction) individually. After collecting information from our customers, failure rate is lower than 2% during production, reducing pipe mill downtime.

Technical Parameter

Model No. Steel pipe diameter (mm) Steel pipe thickness (mm) Max Speed (M/min)
Φ25 Φ6-30 0.3-2.0 130
Φ32 Φ8-38 0.3-2.0 120
Φ50 Φ20-63.5 0.6-2.5 110
Φ76 Φ25-76 0.8-3.0 90
Φ89 Φ25-105 0.8-4.0 80
Φ114 Φ50-130 1.2-5.0 60
Φ165 Φ80-165 2.0-6.0 50


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