How to deal with unqualified steel pipes

What is unqualified steel pipe ?

Unqualified steel pipes generally refer to: joint pipes (the steel pipe when the two coils of raw materials are butted), or the welding seam is insufficiently welded, cracked, and the product shape does not meet the standard.

So how to
deal with unqualified steel pipes?

Generally in this case, our equipment will pick it out and separate from the finished tube. Our equipment will be equipped with two sets of finished product collection systems, one set to collect finished pipes and one set to collect unqualified steel pipes.

And we will set a long and short ruler cutting on the cutting machine. When encountering the joint pipe, we can press the button of the long ruler or the short ruler according to the specific pipe length, and then we can cut the steel pipe with the joint part. The second cutting is carried out offline, so as to improve the qualified rate of finished products.

Our company will connect the sawing control system with the roller conveyor system and configure a double turning system for customers. The flying saw operator only needs to press the reverse turning button to separate unqualified steel pipes from finished steel pipes and turn them to another product collection device when they are encountered with joint pipes or other conditions. Ensure that the equipment is functioning normally.

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