How many people are needed for tube machine production?

Generally, the tube mill/pipe machine production line of the HF welded pipe MACHINE needs 6-9 people for the single shift.

The feeding section requires 2 people to cooperate. It is mainly responsible for taking the material from the warehouse with the crane, putting the raw material into the uncoiler or the feeding trolley, and sending the lead to the shearing and welding station manually or by straightning, pinching and leveling; cut the strip head and tail and welded together; then the raw materials are put into the storage Accumulator, and 2 people in this area are mainly responsible for this work.

The forming and sizing machine section requires another 2 people, one of them is an adjustment engineer, who is mainly responsible for the adjustment of the steel pipe from the steel plate to the pipe shape. Generally, this person is also the chief engineer of the whole production line; Another person is responsible for dealing with the outer burrs of the welded pipes, collecting and sorting out the outer burrs, and sometimes the adjustment engineer will also do this job part-time.

1 person is required for high-frequency operation, who is mainly responsible for: high-frequency fire size and speed adjustment.

Flying saw operation requires 1 person, mainly responsible for the pipe length and quantity setting, as well as product quality control.

Stacking machine is divided into manual and automatic. Generally, manual stacking requires at least 3 people. This place is relatively labor-intensive and is mainly responsible for the stacking, bundling and transportation of steel pipes; and if use automatic stacking machine, 2 people is enough, and it can greatly save labor and reduce labor intensity .

If special pipes are made, such as shock absorber pipes, oil cylinder pipes, water gas pipes, and API pipes, more processes are required, and more personnel are required.

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