Friction saw VS Cold saw


Do you know the difference between friction saw and cold saw?

What is Hot saw?

The Hot/Friction saw uses the thermal friction principle. When the high-speed saw blade (3000 rpm/line speed of 100 m/s) comes into contact with the steel pipe, the intense friction creates a high temperature that fuses the pipe. Burrs will therefore unavoidably form at the end of the pipe.

What is a cold cut saw?

The cold cutting saw is the corresponding name for the Hot/Friction saw

The cold cutting saw’s saw blade’s linear speed is about 120–180 m/min (HSS saw blade). It is known as a “Cold Saw” because it doesn’t create a lot of heat or metal sparks; other names for Cold cutting saws include “Milling saws” and “Burr-Free saws.”

Simply put, the HOT/friction saw is less investment but the pipe end has burrs. The COLD saw is relatively expensive but the pipe end is beautiful and of good quality. We can choose according to our needs.


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