Uncoiler is the important equipment of front preparation in welding pipe mill line, used to hold steel strip to make coils unfold,supply raw material for production line.
Technical Parameter


Four types of uncoiler for different pipe sizes:

Double mandrel uncoiler: for pipe size 10-127mm

Single mandrel uncoiler: for pipe size 89-165mm

Butt to butt uncoiler: for pipe size 165-273mm

Frame structure uncoiler: for pipe size 273-610mm







Technical Parameter

Type Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Coil ID.(m) Coil OD.(m) Weight(t) Structure
φ50 40~200 0.8~3.0 420~620 Max.1600 Max.3.0 Double
φ76 100~260 0.8~3.5 420~620 Max.1800 Max.5.0 Double
φ127 120~400 1.0~4.0 450~550 Max2000 Max.5.0 Single
φ140 160~440 1.0~4.5 450~550 Max2000 Max.6.0 Single
φ165 280~520 2.0~6.0 450~550 Max2000 Max.8.0 Single
φ219 360~700 2.0~8.0 450~550 Max2000 Max.10.0 Single/Butt-to-butt
φ273 520~860 4.0~10.0 450~550 Max2000 Max.15.0 Single/Butt-to-butt
φ325 500~1020 4.0~12.0 580~760 Max2200 Max.25.0 Single/Butt-to-butt
φ426 600~1300 6.0~16.0 580~760 Max2200 Max.25.0 Single/Butt-to-butt
φ508 700~1650 6.0~18.0 610-760 Max2200 Max.30.0 Single/Butt-to-butt
Φ630 900-2000 6.0-22.0 780-860 Max2200 Max 40.0 Single/Butt-to-butt


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