Shear and Welded Machine

Shear&welder is to cut off the irregular ends of steel strip and weld them, thus to ensure the continuous production for the line.
Technical Parameter


Shear and welder plays an important role in a tube mill.

Automatic shear and coil joining together.

The shear blade and welding head are on the welding trolley.

The head and tail of the coil, after cutting, are hold down

and then automatic welding is carried out.

The welding seam on the wall of the pipe forms spiral line, improve the rigidity of welding.



Aogang system has :

  1. The simple structure,

2. Convenient operating,

3. Smart and fast seam alignment,

4. Exact Aogang action.

Technical Parameter

Type Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
φ50 40~200 0.8~3.0
φ76 100~260 0.8~3.5
φ127 120~400 1.0~4.0
φ140 160~440 1.0~4.5
φ165 280~520 2.0~6.0
φ219 360~700 2.0~8.0
φ273 520~860 4.0~10.0
φ325 500~1020 4.0~12.0
φ426 600~1300 6.0~16.0
φ508 700~1650 6.0~18.0
Φ630 900-2000 6.0-22.0


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