Automatic Strapping Machine

Automatic packing machine is used to collect ,stack steel pipe into 6 or 4 angles, and bundle automatically.It runs stably without manual operation.
Technical Parameter


Product series:

1.φ20mm-φ325mm round tube automatic packaging system

2.20x20mm-400x400mm square ,rectangular tube automatic packaging system.

3.Round tube/ square tube integrated multi-function automatic packaging system


1.We have hundreds of successful experience help our customer at local and abroad, with reasonable design and simple opereation.

2.Customized packaging and logistics solutions can be tailored to the customer’s tube shape, pipe length, package type, production demand and combined with the current status of the factory.

3.Seamlessly interface with the customer’s existing equipment, enabling automatic marking ,stacking, strapping, empty water,weighing,etc.

Technical Parameter

NO. Comparisonitem Automatic stacking Manual stacking
1 Packingmethod Computer control, automatic stacking, alignment Manual stacking,alignment
2 Amount ofpersonnel No need for labor At least 2 people or more
3 Labor intensity Just operate, no manpower required after adjustment High labor intensity
4 Line speed Beyond the line speed, it can be increased more than 20% Restrict the line speed
5 Safety No safety hazards Easy to cause work injuries
6 Noise Low noise Loud noise
7 Tube quality No appearance effect, good tube quality Easy to bump, affecting theappearance and quality ofthe tube
8 Scalability It can be connected with automatic bundling to realizedatabase management, and can realize automatic emptywater,weighing, length measurement and marking. No expansion space,completely dependent onmanpower
9 Value formoney One-time investment, recoverable investment in a shortperiod of time Long-term investmentfrequent staff changes,difficulty in recruiting


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