Medium Thickness Slitting Line



Aogang provides customized slitting line solutions for all dimensions, from hot-rolled strip to thinnest, cold-rolled strip, from aluminum to stainless steel, in strip widths from 120 to 2,500 mm and strip thicknesses from 0.3 to 20.0 mm. Advanced and pioneering technologies are specially matched to the requirements of our customers.


The high degree of automation in these slitting lines enables economical production, also of smaller lots, to reduce set-up times and to interface with coil packing and logistics.


  • High automation level to reduce non-productive times
  • High quality of the final product
  • High production capacity and flow rates by rigorous minimization of tooling times and high production speeds
  • High accuracy and precision by means of high precision knife shaft bearings
  • Burr less cuts and high number of cuts with minimum deflection of the cutter shaft
  • High winding accuracy with increasing coil diameter
  • Very gentle treatment of highly sensitive surfaces such as surfaces for vehicle parts, coated strips or for example annealed stainless steel by means of braking processes adapted to the material surface
  • Minimum power consumption by modern regenerative systems and by using drives of special efficiency grades









Model Material width(mm) Thickness range(mm) Product width(mm) Slitting speed(m/min)
ZJ600 120~600 0.3~2.0 40~580 10~80
ZJ800 120~800 0.3~3.5 40~750 10~80
ZJ1300 400~1300 0.8~4.5 60~1250 10~60
ZJ1600 600~1600 1.0~6.0 60~1550 10~60
ZJ1800 900~1800 3.0~8.0 90~1750 10~60
ZJ2000 1000~2000 6.0~16.0 90~1950 10~30
ZJ2200 1000~2200 8.0~20.0 90~2150 10~20
ZJ2500 1000~2500 8.0~20.0 90~2200 10~20



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