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Thin sheet slitting line

Product Description


This thin sheet slitting line, is a kind of production line to break down master coils into smaller coils of a particular width. The thin sheet slitting line is made up of coil-loading car, single mandrel uncoiling, coil-end-feeding and shoveling, double roller pinching feeding, three-roller-leveling, end-cutting, strip-aligning, disk shearing, scrap reeling, hole accumulator, pre-separator, tensioning, recoiling ,coil down car, hydraulic control, and electric control.

Material: Galvanized strip, silicon steel sheet, cold-rolled steel strip, stainless steel strip, aluminum strip, hot roll steel strip, and so on.

Thin sheet slitting line is suitable for coil strip thickness (0.3~1) mm, (0.3-2) mm,  (0.3-3) mm and (0.4-4)mm; while strip width is changeable: 600mm. 1000mm, 1250mm, 1600mm, 1800mm and so on.


l  High automation level to reduce non-productive times

l  High quality of the final product

l  High production capacity and flow rates by rigorous minimization of tooling time and high production speed

l  High accuracy and precision by means of high precision knife shaft bearings

l  Burr less cuts and high number of cuts with minimum deflection of the cutter shaft

l  High winding accuracy with increasing coil diameter by means of the movable braking unit for operation mainly without separating system at the coiler

l  Very Gentle treatment of highly sensitive surfaces such as surfaces for vehicle parts, coated strips or annealed stainless steel by means of braking processes adapted to the material surface

l  Minimum power consumption by modern regenerative systems and using drives of special efficiency grades


ModelMaterial width(mm)Thickness range(mm)Product width(mm)Slitting speed(m/min)

Remark: The slitting line can be designed and manufactured according to customers' requirement. 

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