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High Speed Slitting line

Product Description


1.The programmable design environment enables High-speed Precision Slitting Machine Set to automatically change the working mode of the production line according to the characteristics of plates or sheets, significantly improves the efficiency and reduces the frequency of maintenance.

2.The integral design of rises shrinks cylinders of Uncoiling Machine and Coiling Machine has reduced the risk of malfunction to the minimum extent.

3.The high-efficiency Disk-type Tension Brake Assembly installed on the spindies of the uncoiling Machine, Slitting Machine and Coiling Machine is able to prevent the steel coil from Loosening by adjusting the air compressor control circuit and automatically and instantly apply the brake.

4.The Pinch Machine is capable of transmitting materials and synchronizing with teh production line.

5.The common base frame and separated transmission mechanism of the main Slitting Machine have efficiently improved the rigidity of mechanical structure, reduced the shock amplitude of the vertical slitting cutters and improved the quality of final products.

6.The datum place amplitude precisions of the cutter axis of Slitting Machine remain within 0.006mm,which can effectively prolong the service life of cutters and ensure the precision of final products.

7.The Tension-type Coiling and Limited Slip Differential adopted by the Edge and Wire Rolling Machine can effectively improve the stability of mechanical operation.

8.Wool with excellent elasticity and high freciton factor is configured to direct-pressure type tension damping unit to ensure the smooth running of the equipment. In addition, the pressure-balancing unit enables the pressure to be evenly distributed to the two sides of the material being pressed.

9.The separating and pressing mechanism adopts the combination of hydraulic pressure and adjustable back pressure so as to stabilize the pressure ,automatically reis when the coll dianeter increases and keep effectively pressing steel coils.

10.The self tension-control solution for the coiling machine of final products can enhance the compactness of the coils of final product.


Width of the   plate(sheet) 
Thickness of the plate(sheet) (mm)Number of strips   produced Slitting speed

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