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Stainless steel tube mill workflow

Oct 16, 2019

Stainless steel tube mill workflow

There are a variety of methods for sizing, such as a micro switch at a certain length of the discharge port. After the pipe is extended to the switch, the trigger circuit controls the cutting wheel to cut the pipe. Other methods are similar, but the length is measured. The method and the method of cutting are different.we are provide tube mill line,We can guarantee quality.

The steel strip is fed into more than 4 sets of forming molds and rolled into a tube, and then welded into a tube by argon arc welding or high-frequency welding in a welding zone, and then pressed into a standard size by two or more shaping dies, and then Cut up or cut to size.

Correct maintenance of the pipe machine

1.Always check the oil level on the fuel tank. The oil level should not be lower than the specified value.

2.When the fine oil filter is blocked by dirt, it needs to be replaced in time; when the coarse oil filter is blocked, it should be cleaned in time, once every 3 months.

3.To add oil to the fuel tank, it must be filtered. The oil should not be mixed with impurities such as moisture, rust, metal shavings and fibers.

4.When starting the oil pump in winter or cold area, it should be opened and stopped, repeated several times to increase the oil temperature, and then start working after the hydraulic pump station is running flexibly.

5.All the knobs on the hydraulic pump station, non-operators should not move.

6.Always observe if the power supply voltage is abnormally fluctuating and check it every 3 months or so.we are provide tube mill line,We can guarantee quality.

The proper maintenance of the pipe machine plays a very positive role in the efficiency and longevity of the equipment.

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