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High Efficiency Switch Welder

Product Description


The high-efficiency switch welder (all-in-one machine) is designed for straight seam induction (contact) welding of steel tubes. It mainly uses IRFP460 (MOSFET) and DSEI60-06A (fast recovery diode), rectifier diodes, and modular Power component consisting of high-power IGBT and other power devices. The high-power capacitor bank C and the inductance coil L form the current-mode parallel boost resonant circuit. This kind of circuit adapts to the high-frequency welded pipe with low load impedance and does not require the output transformer. This not only improves the efficiency but also increases the reliability of the whole machine.

The switch welder has such distinct features as high efficiency, less area covered, easy installation, low installation cost, high welder quality ect.

Dispay and alarm — the output current and voltage of the DC power unit; armature voltage and current, excitation voltage and current of the DC speed adjust unit.


Less installation cost

For example 100kw solid state welder, the traditional welder installation cost is around USD800(purchasing cable, nozzles, cable bridge and brackets), moreover, welder room or elevated platform is necessary, all the cost will be about USD800-1600.

Welding Quality

Benefitted from PWM precise control voltage and three level of filtering, the voltage output is stable, ripple coefficient is 50% lower than solid state welder. The welding quality is obviously better than traditional solid state welder.

Small harmonic interference, no pollution to the power grid

Three-phase AC power supply coverts the alternating current to the direct current through the full-bridge rectifier circuit. The line is equipped with a number of well-matched filter networks, leading to a very few harmonic components during operation of the high-efficiency switch welder (all-in-one machine). The power factor may reach 0.96 or more.

High Efficiency

Comparing to traditional solid state welder, save power for 15%-25%.

Less Area Covered

Saving 60% area than traditional solid state welder.

Easy installation

Comparing to the 5-7 days for traditional solid state welder installation, high efficiency switch welder installation is 1 day.

Environmental requirements  

Indoor installation with good grounding condition. Grounding wire color should be obviously different from control wires. Sectional area of grounding wire :> 120mm², grounding resistance: 4Ω.

Height above sea level should be no more than 1000m, otherwise rated value should be reduced to be operated.

Ambient temperature: -10~+45

Air relative humidity: 85%.

No severe vibration, no conductive dust, no various causticity gas and explosion gas.

Installation gradient: 5°.

Install in the place with good ventilation condition.


Advantage comparison

HIGH EFFICIENCY switch  weldersolid state welder
solid state welder
Solid state welder
   (in Series)
solid state welder
  (in Parallel)
Rectifier transformerNoNoYesNoYes
Rectifier componentsDiodeDiodeSCRSCRSCR
Inverter bridge outputDirect outputTransformer outputDirect outputTransformer outputDirect output
All in one designYesNoNoNoNo
Installation costLowHighHighHighHigh
Energy consumptionLowLowRelatively highHighHigh
Power factorHighHighLowLowLow

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