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LW800 Direct Square to Square Forming Pipe Mill

Product Description


LW800 (200×200mm) direct square to square forming pipe mill/tube mill is used to produce square pipe of 80×80mm-200×200mm and 3.0mm-8.0mm in wall thickness directly, from square or rectangular to square or rectangular pipe directly.,

Direct square to square forming tube mill advantage:

1. Lower production cost: 3-4% raw material saving
2. Very Precise control of the corner radius
3. Frequent production changes without a roll change: possibility to produce small lots of final products ?
4. Mature design
5. Very Fast changeover
6. Reduced investment: no requirement for different types of rolls and additional floor space for roll storage
7. Very High automation level: minimized operator tuning

Technical parameter (The mill can be designed according to customers’ requirement accordingly)


Finished productSquare & rectangular Tube80×80mm-200×200mm
Thickness: 3.0mm-8.0mm
Length Tolerance±1.5mm
Production Speed20-60m/min

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