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Horizontal Accumulatorator

Product Description


The main function of accumulator is accumulating steel strip to keep tube mill operating in a non-stop way. Feed in from outside cage and output from center,fixed loops/ changeable loops


High capacity

No scratch to strip

No loop swelling

No loop retracting,

Low power consumption

Easy operation


TypeWidth(mm)Thickness(mm)Storage(m)Out speed(m/min)occupied(m)
φ5040~2000.8~3.0400~600Mill speed10
φ76100~2600.8~3.5400~600Mill speed14
φ127120~4001.0~4.0400~800Mill speed18
φ140160~4401.0~4.5400~800Mill speed20
φ165280~5202.0~6.0400~900Mill speed28
φ219360~7002.0~8.0500~1000Mill speed38
φ273520~8604.0~10.0500~1200Mill speed45
φ325500~10204.0~12.0500~1200Mill speed45
φ426600~13006.0~16.0500~1200Mill speed57
φ508700~16506.0~18.0500~1200Mill speed65

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