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Coil Peeler and Flattener

Product Description


Coil peeler and flattener is to flatten the head and the tail of strip and drive the strip forward to the shear and welder. And provide support for the shear and welder.


φ5040~2000.8~3.0125 rollers
φ76100~2600.8~3.5125 rollers
φ127120~4001.0~4.085 rollers
φ140160~4401.0~4.567 rollers
φ165280~5202.0~6.067 rollers
φ219360~7002.0~8.067 rollers
φ273520~8604.0~10.067 rollers
φ325500~10204.0~12.067 rollers
φ426600~13006.0~16.067 rollers
φ508700~16506.0~18.067 rollers
Φ630900-20006.0-22.067 rollers

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