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Automatic Packing Machine

Product Description


Automatic packing machine is used to collect, stack steel pipe into 6 or 4 angles, and bundle automatically. It runs stably without manual operation. Meanwhile, eliminate the noise and knocking of shock of steel pipes. Our packing line can improve your pipes quality and production efficiency, reduce cost, as well as eliminate potential safety hazard.


1.     There are hundreds of successful operation equipments at local and abroad, with reasonable design and simple operation.

2.     Customized packaging and logistics solutions can be tailored to the customer's tube shape, pipe length, package type, production demand and combined with the current status of the factory.

3.     Seamlessly interface with the customer's existing equipment, enabling automatic marking, stacking, strapping, empty water, weighing, etc.

4.     Complete set of Siemens servo control technology with high precision and stable operation

Product Series:

1.Φ20mm - Φ325mm round tube automatic packaging system

2.20x20mm -400x400mm squarerectangular tube automatic packaging system

3.Round tube / square tube integrated multi-function automatic packaging system


NO.Comparison itemAutomatic stackingManual stacking
1Packing methodComputer control, automatic stacking, alignmentManual stacking,alignment
2Amount of personnelNo need for laborAt least 2 people or more
3Labor intensityJust operate, no manpower required after adjustmentHigh labor intensity
4Line speedBeyond the line speed, it can be increased more than 20%Restrict the line speed
5SafetyNo safety hazardsEasy to cause work injuries
6NoiseLow noiseLoud noise
7Tube qualityNo appearance effect, good tube qualityEasy to bump, affecting the appearance and quality of the tube
8ScalabilityIt can be connected with automatic bundling to realize database   management, and can realize automatic empty water, weighing, length   measurement and marking.No expansion space, completely dependent on manpower
9Value for moneyOne-time investment, recoverable investment in a short period of   timeLong-term investment, frequent staff changes, difficulty in   recruiting

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