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API 660 Steel Pipe Mill

Product Description

API 660 Steel Pipe Mill description:

API660 tube mill/pipe mill/welded pipe production/pipe making machine is used to produce oil and gas pipes of 60mm-165mm in OD and 2.0mm-6.0mm in wall thickness

Process flow:

Scroll up→ Uncoiler→ Straightening end→ Flattener→ Auto-Shear and Welding→ Horizontal Accumulator→ Strip UT→Forming(ZTF) → H.F. induction welding→ Removing external burr→ Removing inner burr→ Burnishing→ Online Detection→ Seam annealer→ Air cooling→ Water cooling→ Sizing→ Cut off→ Roll table→Flattening Test→ End-facing and chamfering→ Hydrostatic test→Off-line UT test→ Drifter→ inspection→Weighing and length measurement → Coating & Printing→ Packing→ Warehouse

API660 Steel Tube Mill Advantage:

l  FF forming process save roller up to 60%

l  Automatic adjustment, save roller changing time

l  Homogeneous deformation of each stand, improve pipe quality

l  Low defective product rate

l  Siemens , Allen-Bradley motor as option

Remark: This mill can be also customized by customer.


Finished product

Round Pipe

Thickness: 8.0mm-20.0mm

Thickness: 8.0mm-12.7mm(material:   X70, N80)



Length Tolerance


Production Speed


Raw Material

Coil material

L245L360A53J55N80 X42X46X52X56X60X65X70



Thickness: 8.0mm-20.0mm

Coil ID


Coil OD


Coil Weight


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